Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Whatever happened to giving 2 weeks notice?

[Alternate title: "50 Ways to Leave Your Employer."]

First we had JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater's creative exit strategy -- which involved telling an uncivil JetBlue passenger to "be fruitful and multiply" (though not in those words) over the plane's PA system, then exiting the passenger jet via the emergency chute, though not before grabbing a nice cold beer from the beverage cart.

Now we have "Jenny," a maligned office assistant who gave notice via a dry erase board. (Click the link to see the whole story -- i.e., the 33 photos of her 33-part resignation via dry erase or white board.)

Both of these individuals, btw, are being hailed as "heroes." And while their antics may be amusing -- and are making headlines -- I don't think it's behavior someone who is hoping to be employed in the near future should emulate. I mean, would you hire Steven or Jenny?

Also, there is this:

Don't get me wrong, I have had my share of "Spencers" and quitting fantasies (not unlike Jenny's), but I also had fantasies about getting another hopefully better job, one which might require a reference, which is why you will not find pictures of me in short shorts and a tank top giving my two weeks notice. (Though I know of a couple of bosses who would have enjoyed that.)

But let me throw this issue out to all of you: Do you think giving two weeks notice and continuing to do your job during that time is old fashioned? Have you ever quit a job in dramatic fashion -- and, if so, did it come back to bite you in your HPOA? Let me know via a Comment.

JENNY UPDATE: As I and many of you suspected (though still hoped it wasn't so), "Jenny" is actually an actress, as revealed here. (Thanks to Friend of the Blog "L" for sending me the link.) As for Steve Slater, he may get up to seven years in jail for his "prank."

STEVE SLATER UPDATE: Slater is out on bail and basking in his new-found celebrity. Read the latest here.


Martha said...

I don't know about hiring the JetBlue employee (he might be a little unhinged at the moment); but I would consider hiring Jenny. I think she's very creative and resourceful...though she should definitely be in a less conservative profession...still, Melanie Griffith made it work (in Working Girl)!

Anonymous said...

The first thing I thought of when I heard about Mr. Jet Blew was an incident involving a friend of your spouse named Tom in 1980 involving creative use of a salad bar. I think an interview of or guest appearance by KMS to shed light is in order. The stuff of legends for sure!

Charlene said...

I had worked 10 years at my first job after school. I was made department head in a new department and had employees I was responsible for. About year 8 a woman was hired as a clerk and was almost immediately put in charge of bookkeeping supervising the former older head bookkeeper.

She was screwing the boss, who was well known for making passes at all the "girls" in the office.

At that point I began planning a new business and 3 weeks and one week before I was going to give notice the secretary to my boss told me I was going to be promoted to manage a new satellite office. When called in to be told this, I told him I was quitting to open my business.

That felt so good. He later came to me to do work for him, after he was let go of his job for embezzling expense funds. The evil woman aforementioned was put in his job and 2 years later she was fired for the same thing.

I am completely ruined to work for the general public or even another employer; just to stubborn and opinionated I guess. SMILE

J. said...

@Charlene: Great story -- and good for you! I hope you are very successful (and would love to know what you do).