Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dirty Dancing with the Stars?

At last, the cast of Dancing with the Has-Beens -- I mean Stars -- Season 11 has been revealed (soon to be reviled)! And I know you all will be as thrilled as I was to learn that Jennifer Grey, aka Frances "Baby" Houseman, would be among this season's cast members (even though I have never seen Dirty Dancing).

And as we all know, no one puts Baby in the corner. Not even Dancing with the Stars.

Could this be a glimpse of things to come?

If so, I pity poor Derek Hough (who I heard was to be her dancing partner).

Other "stars" who will be cha-cha-ing, waltzing, and jiving on this season's DWTS are Bristol Palin (note to DWTS producers: Being a single teenage mom does not make you a "star," far from it), former Knight Rider and Baywatch "star" David Hasselhoff, crooner Michael Bolton, and semi-professional tanning artist Michael “The Situation” Sorrentino from the Jersey Shore.

I am not a fan of Dancing with the Stars, but I may have to check out a few episodes this season, just to see if Jennifer Grey still has it.


Dave S. said...

I, for one, am putting Bergeron in a corner, at least until Bristol Palin gets voted off. That family of grifters is not welcome on my TV.

Anonymous said...

Would have been a real coup if they had gotten Levi too!

Charlene said...

OK, I'm laughing Dave S. Grifters. GREAT adjective for them Northern rifle shooting, elk killing, baby making half governor and tribe.

I've never watched Dancing in any version with the "stars". It's a waste of time on earth.

Sugar Daze said...
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Sugar Daze said...

Oh my gosh, how funny. Though would you even recognize Jennifer Grey with that new schnoz she's been sporting for the last 20 years?

On a side note, we watched this very funny French film last night (yes, they do make 1-2 good ones a year WITHOUT Gerard Depardieu) starring Romain Duris who is one of the hot young actors and Vanessa Paradis a/k/a Mrs. Johnny Depp. It's called Arnacoeur here which in the US translates to Heart Breaker (I think Thief of Hearts would have been more accurate but I digress). In any case Romain's character is hired to seduce Vanessa & in the hysterical finale to the film, they dance the entire "Time of My Life" dance -- it is her favorite film and he has been practicing all movie long to learn the moves to impress her. Rent it -- it's a good laugh and you can practice your French at the same time!

Jennifer Grey said...

I really admire Jennifer Grey for having the guts to go back dancing on DWTS for her former co-star.