Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best horse race EVER

You just can't make this stuff up.

This Sunday at Monmouth Park the seventh race featured a horse named Mywifenosevrything (My Wife Knows -- or "Nos," as in says "no" to --Everything), #3 (which happens to be my lucky number) as well as a horse named Thewifedoesntknow (The Wife Doesn't Know), #7. (Note to self: Look up who owns those horses.)

And as luck would have it, it was Mywifenosevrything battling Thewifedoesntknow down the stretch, which made for some memorable announcing.


The Daily Del Franco said...


"They are 1 and 2, Of course they are..." Now that's funny! Rarely do track announcers go off-script (if only because there's no time.

For another great horse-racing call, cue up the 2004 Belmont Stakes Tom Durkin on Smarty Jones and Birdstone...(all the elements minus the funny.)

Dave S. said...

Those wives are mudders!

Don't forget Spike Jones.

HasTheVoice.com said...

I saw this on a Vancouver sportscast tonight and when I googled for it, I came across your blog and footage:) I will show this to my wife in the morning. We celebrated her birthday yesterday!

Pretty coincidental that your previous post was about CATS. They got top billing on my most recent post too:
Has The VOice...On and Off the Ice: The CATS are in charge!


J. said...

@HasTheVoice.com: I am delighted you found my little blog -- and are one of those humans who has finally realized that cats are in charge. Thanks for stopping by. Btw, many (okay, several) of my readers are Buffalo fans (though that may only be football).

@Dave S.: I think I'm missing something. :-(

@TheDailyDelFranco: Yes, the 2004 Belmont Stakes with Smarty Jones and Birdstone was a great race (though there was nothing funny about it).

Dave S. said...

1) The "mudders" bit was a Seinfeld reference.

2) The Spike Jones link is to his version of the William Tell Overture, featuring a called horse race full of punned and otherwise odd horse names. Jones' work in general has been described as "too corny for sophisticated people and too sophisticated for corny people" so consider that before clicking.

Charlene said...

That is wonderful. Thanks for sharing it!

I always got excited listening to Rock Hard Ten coming down the stretch when the announcer kept repeating the name.

Those runonnames are often cute as heck.