Monday, August 9, 2010

Enough with the political ads (except for these two)

I cannot wait for primary season to be OVER. Between the constant calls from every individual running for political office here in the Nutmeg State (emphasis on nut) and the nonstop bitter political ads on TV and on the radio, I've had enough of this election season -- and we still have over two months to go until the actual election. Yippee!

As for tomorrow's primary, I am planning on exercising my right as an American citizen and voting, but it will give me little (or no) joy, not considering who the candidates for Senator and Governor are. Seriously, if these folks are the best and/or brightest, I may need to move -- not that any other state has much better to offer.

Speaking of the Connecticut race for Senator, for those of you who do not follow Connecticut politics, the leading Republican candidate to replace outgoing Democratic Senator Christopher Dodd is Linda McMahon, the former CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (which, to be fair, is not unlike the United States Senate), featured in this campaign spot:

(Or maybe I should have said campaign spoof, though the events depicted in the video clip all occurred -- and the voice over is the same one used in her actual ad.)

The ad -- spoof -- cracks me up, though not as much as this brilliant sendup of political attack ads:

Note: For those of you who are interested in a quick summary of the political farce that is Connecticut's primary season, I highly recommend New York Times columnist Gail Collins' recent piece titled "Yankee Doodle Daffy," which even those of you who do not live in Connecticut will find amusing (or tragic, depending on your point of view).

And remember to vote tomorrow!


Dave S. said...

All quiet along the Potomac. JJV's and my Rep is an absolutely safe Democrat. One of us approves of that.

Charlene said...

I had heard of the former wreseling big mama. A person who makes a living from the faking of WWE.


I read Ms. Collins piece too.