Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's a Pop Pop Pop Pop-Tarts World

Perhaps the ultimate pop-up store, Pop-Tarts World, a store dedicated to the iconic Kellogg's breakfast pastry, opened this week in New York City's Times Square (on the south side of 42nd Street between Sixth Avenue and Broadway, to be exact). So the spouse and I, who had our share of Pop-Tarts back in the day, decided to go check it out.

Behold, the power of Pop-Tarts!

Truth be told, we were rather unimpressed with Pop-Tarts World, despite the allure of creating your own custom box of Pop-Tarts and the Pop-Tarts sushi (which we didn't sample). Like Pop-Tarts themselves, the Pop-Tarts store was/is way more about good marketing than good taste. And once January comes, and its lease expires, all that will be left of Pop-Tarts World will be a few crumby memories. (Though maybe Pillsbury will open a Toaster Strudel Universe in its stead.)


larissa said...

Longing for frosting
Deprivation in my youth
They still ain't breakfast

Little Miss Cupcake said...

Well I definitely can't top larissa's haiku to the mighty pop tart so all I can say is what a bizarro world. A pop tart store. Is this something we really need? Nudge me when you guys try the Whopper Bar from BK which I understand also opened in NYC last week. I was part of the team that reco'd this idea to them oh 12 years ago.... ;)