Monday, August 23, 2010

Cats do not want you to be productive

Cats just want you to feed them and pet them and provide them with mice and other toys to play with. They do not like when you play with other humans or talk to them on the phone or do work when there are far more important things to do, like playing and talking with them.

Don't believe me? I give you Exhibit A:

(Don't let that those innocent "Who me?" looks fool you. Those cats know perfectly well what they are doing, and it's downright anti-capitalistic, I say.)

Need more proof that cats do not want their humans to be productive? I give you Exhibit B.

Truly, it is amazing I get any work done. (Yeah, yeah, save the wisecracks. I can hear what you are thinking.) Btw, as I've been typing this, Flora, the cat pictured at left, has been in my face, sitting directly in front of me and pawing me as I type.

And if dealing with 15 pounds of feisty feline weren't bad enough, Felix (the black cat pictured above right) has taken a real shine to my shiny new Sony VIAO laptop, particularly the fan. Every opportunity he gets, Felix curls up on top of the computer, inevitably causing the keyboard to lock up. Nice.

But still, I love my cats, and find it sweet that they want to keep me company and do things with me (unlike certain adolescent females I can think of), which is why I am very gentle when throwing them off my desk or out of my office.


Ange said...

Looking forward to Felix having his own Blog.

My own cat is making me paranoid. She gives me a "look" that makes me feel very very uncomfortable!

Anonymous said...

I know that look! They are doing the math-remember they are really lions and we are cat food!!!

Charlene said...

That green eyed striped cat is so compelling. The one picture on the linked "B" example is so cool.

My cat demands whatever she needs and she always gets it. I am honored to do her bidding! :o)