Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keep your shirt on

Apparently this past Sunday, August 22, was National Go Topless Day. And all around this great nation of ours, in cities like New York (pictured at right), Miami, Chicago, and Venice, California, hundreds of buxom babes proclaimed their constitutional right to bare chests as well as arms in public places, just as men do, by marching around without their shirts. (Wonder if anyone blew his/her top...)

An intrepid CNN iReporter happened to be on the scene at the Annual Venice Beach Topless Day event, which was attended by over 200 bra-less babes and about 50 men. (Really, only 50 men?) Per the CNN Go Topless Day report (which includes some great creatively edited video), "a few Christian men gathered to protest against the women's display of indecency," too. (No doubt shaking their Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues at the women in disgust.)

And, of course, the New York Daily News was on the scene in New York's Central Park to cover the uncovered. (As per usual, the Daily News' headline, and story, "Topless women march in Central Park for right to bare breasts," did not disappoint.)

Me? I say, Keep your shirts on, ladies, at least in public, except on officially designated topless public beaches -- or ta ta to bearing one's ta-tas in public. (Yeah, yeah, I know: I am such a prude.)


Ange said...

They may be proud of those babies now but who's going to be laughing after menopause hits. Me, that's who! While they're rolling their boobies up from their kneecaps so they can fold them into a bra, my little Double As will be just the same. HA!

J. said...

@Ange: I (heart) you and your little double As. :-)

Foxy said...

Haha! What I love are the Christian guys there to protest. Not like they could have had a petition or anything - they had to see it for evidence.

With the boob being such a sexual thing in this culture...let's keep our shirts on. I'd rather not see all the straight men in the world getting obviously excited...ew.