Friday, January 22, 2010

Jets fans, let us pray

In honor of this Sunday's AFC Championship game between the New York Jets (of New Jersey) and the Indianapolis Colts (at 3 p.m. ET on CBS), I have composed the following prayer for Jets fans to recite before the big game.

The Jets Fan's Prayer

Our Jets team, which art in Indy,
hallowed be thy run game.
Thy defense come.
Thy will be done on the Colts,
as it was on the Bengals and Chargers.
Give us this Sunday our next big win,
and forgive us our sacks and penalties,
as we block and intercept those who seek to score against us.
Lead us not into defeat,
but deliver us to the Super Bowl.

Go Jets!


Betty Cracker said...

I don't have a dog in this hunt and have friends among fans of both teams. But I think I'll root for the Jets because Sanchez is just so darn cute.

However, should the Saints prevail in the NFC, it'll be Saints all the way, baybee!

Anonymous said...

Brillant prayer. Will recite hourly!

Praying plus Dream'n and Believ'n!

j-e-t-s jets Jets JETS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Same here - don't have a dog in this hunt but would be nice for the underdog to win this game.

Although - cheering on Brett and the purple people eaters!


EMM said...

Too funny and written, I believe by a Catholic. A Lutheran would have added the extra lines that corresponded with "For thine is the kingdom..."

Good Luck J!

Marcos said...

Very funny. However, I believe us Jets fan's don't need a prayer for our Jets too win. I believe we got enough momentum and confidence, and skills to win this game. Read my blog to find out why I feel this way:

J. said...

Thanks for the kind words.

@Betty: I refer to that as the "Tom Brady Rule," i.e., root for the team with the cuter QB.

@Marcos: Thanks for stopping by -- and your optimism. GO JETS! Though how on earth did you find me -- and do your parents know you have your own blog?

Marcos said...

@J.: I found your blog by searching for blogs about the Jets vs. Colts game so I could show jets fans my blog so I could possibly get some followers(may you follow my blog?) and yes my parents know about my blog.

Marcos said...

@J.: I have changed my blog name to: Hope if you're interested in following my blog.