Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Amazing new energy-efficient dishwasher!

The purr-fect solution to high energy bills and dirty plates. Brands include KittenAid, Maytongue, Catmore, and Meowe. (Also comes in Dog.)

Just say "here kitty kitty," set it on the "lick" cycle, and your dishes will be clean in no time!

Pick one up at an animal shelter near you!

Note: Model shown is the Felix the Cat in black.


Anonymous said...


asiangrrlMN said...

I want a shiny, sleek black dishwasher cat of my own!

Betty Cracker said...

I had a similar epiphany the other day when I accidentally sloshed bacon grease on my kitchen floor while moving a pan from the stove to the sink. My dogs immediately materialized to lick it up, revealing the white tile under all the crud.

They not only thoroughly cleaned the spot where the bacon grease fell -- they scoured the surrounding area (with their tongues!) better than I could have done with a brush and bucket of bleach, only without the pleasant astringent smell.

I considered diluting the bacon grease with some sort of non-toxic solvent and spraying it all over the floor and baseboards. Then, after the dogs were done, I could just give it a quick damp-mop once-over and have shiny, clean floors.

Unfortunately, I lack the chemical expertise to come up with a workable formula. Water wouldn't work with bacon grease for obvious reasons.

Then I worried about all the crud the dogs would be ingesting along with the formula, assuming a harmless one could be found. Sometimes there's enough crap on that floor to pull a flip-flop right off an unsuspecting person's foot. But on the other hand, the dogs routinely lick their own bungholes, so I assume they have iron constitutions.

Anyhoo, I think pets get a free ride far too often. It's time to put them to work -- cats, dogs, guinea pigs, whatever. I applaud your efforts to get cats to pull their own weight.

Dave S. said...

We have a shepherd/husky model that's done the job for almost twelve years now. As Betty notes, the floor is cleaner where we accidentally drop things.