Monday, January 25, 2010

How did people get married before the Internet?

One of the most popular videos from last year was "Jill and Kevin's Big Day," where about-to-be married couple Jill and Kevin, as well as their entire wedding party, boogied down the aisle to Chris Brown's song "Forever."

If you are not one of the millions of people who caught this video on YouTube (or The TODAY Show), here you go:

But "Jill and Kevin's Big Day" pales -- and I mean PALES -- in comparison to "Jeff & Erin's EPIC Wedding Trailer: Save the Date":

Talk about making all of us who sent simple "save-the-date" cards (or emails) feel inadequate! I can only imagine what their wedding and baby videos will be like! (We didn't even have a wedding video.)

While I am a big fan of YouTube (and am in the middle of writing an article on the power of video), I believe some things, like your wedding and your children, should just be shared with family and friends. Though "Save the Date" is one AWESOME video.


Steven Friedlander, Knoxville, Tennessee said...

YouTube-ish wedding videos have taken a bad rap and a hit (pun intended) since "Jill and Kevin's Big Day" made such a splash, in large part because of the unfortunate Chris Brown incident not long after the wedding. Still -- the idea was brilliant and the execution just goofy enough so that it still makes me smile. And Jeff and Erin's Wedding Announcment is fun; you know, if you can do it, why not? It's really all about love, family, and friendships anyway...and everyone just wants to this sentimental old goat, while not dis-agreeing with your sentiments of wanting to keep it private, believes to each his own...because sooner or later these YouTube wedding bits are going to turn into Major Motion Pictures ("My Big Fat Wedding" redux, anyone?).

Dave S. said...

Wow. I hope they have the scratch for the small army of security professionals to keep out the crashers.

jjv said...

I was married at the dawn of the internet age in technolgically sophisticated Las Vegas. My wedding was sent out over the internet to my parents and friends. Nonetheless we have no record of it as it was not downloaded and saved. I do not regret this.

larissa said...

Here's the antidote
No wedding, no funny dance
Just chins, teeth and tongues

NannyG said...

That was great. More people should do fun things at their weddings.

GSA said...

A-mazing. The Jill and Kevin video was YouTube kitsch, but the Jeff and Erin was impressively professional. Mr Wong’s martial arts are impressive too, and I love the height discrepancy. But that other wedding party: how much do those guys weigh?

EMM said...

After seeing the initial title w/ JEFF in much larger letters than Erin, it did not take long to figure out why.

They look super cute, super nerdy and most of all super happy!

The Office's redux of the first video was very funny.

Thanks for a smile at the end of a long day!

larissa said...

The You Tube version of the Save the Date video is now labeled 'private'. Luckily, the Huffington Post still has it. Pfew.