Thursday, January 28, 2010

And now a word about the weather

Actually, make it an abbreviation: WTF?!

I get that meteorology is an inexact science, but jeebus, people, can you not predict a MAJOR SNOW STORM less than 12 hours before it hits?! (I happened to check last night and the local forecast said NOTHING about a snow storm or even flurries this morning.) This has got to be some kind of new low in weather forecasting.

Just how bad is it out there (here)? Take a look for yourself. (I took these pictures around 12 noon ET -- and there was NO SNOW this time yesterday afternoon.)

I am in a particularly cranky mood because today is National Go Back to Bed Day (per the spouse), yet I was unable to because I had to get the kid off to school -- only to have the bus not show up and then find out shortly after she got to school that there was early dismissal today (which is at 10:30 a.m.). So no going back to bed for me. Just a lot of snow -- and a lot of shoveling later. :-(

[Note to my friends and readers in Florida and Southern California: Don't. Say. A. Word.]


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! Now stop typing and go back to bed!

larissa said...

Brilliant idea
Institutionalize it
Let's take a long nap

Dave S. said...

Meteorology is an inexact science whose inexactness is obscured willfully by its attention-seeking practitioners.

Fun Activity Suggestion! Make a snowman, dress him up as a TV meteorologist*, then pelt him with snowballs, all the while yelling "Betcha didn't see THAT coming!!!"

*You're on your own for this

Anonymous said...

3 hour drive from Danbury to Westport??
Believe it.

TommyMac71 said...

As someone who works from home, I LOVE when snow arrives, surprise or not. I don't have to go anywhere and at least it's something different to look at.

And, for the record, I am very pro-nap. Especially during client calls

J. said...

Of course, by 2 p.m. the snow had stopped and the sun was out -- and the kid was playing on her Nintendo DS. Bleh.