Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Which Super Bowl XLVI car ad will win?

Forget Giants vs. Patriots, this Super Bowl (XLVI), it's all about Volkswagen vs. Acura (and Audi).

Capitalizing on last year's uber successful Darth Vader Super Bowl ad, titled "The Force," Volkswagen now gives us "The Dog Strikes Back," advertising the new and improved (?) Volkswagen Beetle. (Be sure to watch it all the way through to see the Star Wars connection.)

Personally, I think the ad is nowhere near as entertaining as "The Force" (which featured the same or a similar dog, being accosted by Little Lord Vader)...

or even its "Bark Side" teaser:

But I don't think the ad for the new Acura NSX, titled "Transactions" and featuring Jerry Seinfeld (never got him, never will)...

or Audi's "Vampire Party" ad...

is any funnier. (Seriously, vampires are so last year.)

So which ad(s) do you like? And would you buy one of these cars based on the ad? (I hate the Jerry Seinfeld Acura NSX ad, but I totally want that car. ) Leave me a comment.

UPDATED: How could I have left out Honda's ad for its new and improved (?) CR-V featuring Matthew Broderick?! Friends, I believe we have a clear winner after all. (And I may need to be tested for early onset dementia.)


Dave S. said...

The dog commercial would have been so much better without the lazy callback to Star Wars at the end.

Thank you for posting the DV commercial again. For me the white hallway is key.

I like the dogs barking. Good dogs!

The Seinfeld ad is very clever ("I own all the characters" was great) but I enjoyed the show; YMMV.

The Audi ad is really dumb.

I like to think I would not buy something influenced solely by an ad, especially a Super Bowl ad where the product is usually secondary, but I am probably wrong about that.

Anonymous said...

My vote goes to the Audi Vampire ad because I love the Echo & The Bunneymen song (The Killing Moon)

Dave S. said...

Oh, yes, tremendous song, but completely inappropriate in the context of vampires ("Killing Sun", sure). That's a big part of the overall dumbness of the ad.