Monday, February 20, 2012

How you know it's almost spring

Forget that stupid groundhog. Or the unseasonable warm weather we've been having.

You know how you can tell it's almost spring? Four words: pitchers and catchers report.

[For those of you who are now scratching your heads as to what the heck I am referring to (i.e., most of my readers), I'm talking baseball.]

Ah spring training, when a young woman's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of baseball. Even if she is a Mets fan -- and the Knicks are on a hot streak.

While I am awfully fond of football, baseball was my first love -- and I seriously thought of flying to Florida to observe spring training. But it was not to be this year. Instead, I will simply blog about it.

Btw, for those of my readers, especially the international ones (hi Ange and Anon from Across the Pond!) who may be unfamiliar with baseball, here is a helpful video that explains how the game is played.

Play ball!

(And all you naysayers who say the Mets don't stand a chance of making it into the playoffs this season, that's what they said about the New York Giants.)


The Daily Del Franco said...

I hate to be Ned Negative here...but the football Giants actually had talented players at several key positions.

The Mets? let's see..they have David Wright and...??? Nohan Santana? Buehler? Bueheler?

They will do well to get 72 wins this year....Just saying.

Edward P. Schwartz said...

As a lifelong Red Sox fan, married into a family of Mets fans, allow me to offer... "Bah, ha, ha, ha!!!!" On the other hand, since the Mets will be, let's say, "less formidable" than usual this year, I'd even be willing to go watch them play. I have heard that Citi Field is a pretty cool stadium. So, if you need a bleacher buddy, let me know and maybe I'll pop down for a game.

J. said...

@Ned Negative, must be nice being a Yankees fan. ;-P

@Edward, I would be delighted to have you attend a Mets game with me/us this season! Citi Field is a great stadium -- with good beer and dogs. (There is also a Shake Shack.) Come on down!

The Daily Del Franco said...

Here's everything one needs to know about the management of the Mets...They have only recently begun to pay Bobby Bonilla - a player who has not worn the uniform since the 90s.

The Mets are paying Bonilla $1.2 million annually for the next 25 years despite him not having played for them since 1999 or in the big leagues since 2001.

The inclusion of an 8% interest rate turned Bonilla’s original $5.9 million salary to nearly $30 million by the time all is said and done.

The defense rates. Your witness counselor.

J. said...

How 'bout them Knicks and Rangers!