Thursday, February 9, 2012

Best infomercial ever. (Vince has got a new Schtick!)

Ever since Billy Mays died and Shlomi "Vince" Offer (of Slap Chop and ShamWow -- or ShamWoe, as I like to call it -- fame) was arrested, infomercials have just not been the same. But now Vince is back with a whole new schtick -- or Schticky, to be more precise.

"You can clean your home in a quicky, when you use your Schticky!" (Schticky? I think someone's been spending too much time in Miami Beach with the altacockers.)

I gotta admit, though, after seeing the infomercial, I was tempted to order a Schticky (or four) -- as you all know how fond I am of lint rollers, and the environment. (That Big Schticky would sure come in handy for getting up cat hair under the bed!) But after the whole ShamWow incident (click on the link above), I'm not sure I'm ready to trust Vince again. Though I love the Schticky infomercial, and how it pokes fun at various misogynistic ads and Vince's run-in with the law.

What about you guys? Would you buy a Schticky?

Bonus video: I bet they could use some Schtickies at the Friskies Playhouse (the Playboy Mansion for cats?)!


AlyssaGoodman said...

I want one!!! Thanks--A

J. said...

Btw, the Schticky is not just for misogynistic Jewish pet owners with dandruff! Also, makes a nice Valentine's or Mother's Day gift.

Anonymous said...

I worry about you.

I do.

Dave S. said...

Great ad for a product I (a lint-roller fan) would never buy in any of its aquamarine incarnations. The over-the-shoulder ninja throw was the highlight.

I hope your sink trap has fun with all the stuff that gets washed into it (pennies!). On that note, its apparent dependence on water usage is an environmental disadvantage to, say, a BROOM.

Verification word Darsemar, by coincidence the name of my Swedish valet. "Darsemar, Schticky my opera cape!"

J. said...

@Dave S., killjoy. (That said, wish I had communicated with you before I bought those ShamWows.)

Dave S. said...

I dunno, I probably would have greenlighted the ShamWows. No one could have predicted, etc.