Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jimmy Fallon, Brian Williams doin' the nasty with Super PACs

You gotta love Jimmy Fallon's "Slow Jammin' the News with Brian Williams," or Bri Bri Will Wills, as he's known in hep cat circles. And last night Jimmy and Brian Will.I.Ams slow jammed 'bout Super PACs -- awwww yeah -- and got nasty. Yeah, that's right.

It's Super PACkin'.


Anonymous said...

I love Bri Bri!!!

o many pun options my brai shut down!

Dave S. said...

I was stunned when Fallon held it together following Brian Williams' channeling of Rick James.

Also it's good to see Lolcats commenting here.

J. said...

I loved watching the lead singer for The Roots trying not to crack up.