Thursday, December 2, 2010

Best Hanukkah song EVER (UPDATED with more great Chanukah music!)

I flip my latkes in the air sometimes sayin ayy ohh spin the dreidel
Just wanna celebrate for all eight nights singin ayy oh, light the candles

We say al hanissim
Oh yea for all eight nights
Then we play dreidel
By the candlelight

And I told you once
Now I told you twice
Bout the miracle
Of the candlelight

Hanukkah, also known as the Festival of Lights, begins tonight at sundown. And if I wasn't already Jewish (though I grew up celebrating Christmas), I might consider converting, at least for Hanukkah, after hearing "Candlelight" by the Maccabeats -- which is dynamite -- about the Hanukkah miracle. Seriously, best Hanukkah song EVER. (Sorry Adam Sandler and Orrin Hatch.)

[Major hat tip to FOB Rosita for sending this to me.]

I don't know about all of you, but I can't wait to hear what the Maccabeats have in store for Passover.

In the meantime, Chanukah Sameach!

UPDATED: This Chanukah music mashup video featuring Jewish a cappella group Six13, just sent to me via commenter Chana, is so good, I had to include it here.


The Daily Del Franco said...

Wonderful. Jewish or not, we're all part of the same mishpuhka, no?

(Does this Catholic get partial credit for the reference?)

Sugar Daze said...

Loving this! My 7 year-old loves the original song - Dynamite - and was totally singing along to this. Happy Hannukah!

prettyzoely said...


Happy Hannukah

larissa said...

Where is my comment?!
I left one early today
It might have been good

Chana said...

We all love the Maccabeats (and I'm friends with some of them, actually!) but check out ANOTHER fantastic Chanukah parody-song video entitled:

Click I Light It- NCSY Chanukah Musical Remix here.

Alternatively, see here:

J. said...

@Chana: Thanks so much for the link! I actually added it to the main page and shared on Facebook.

@The Daily Del Franco: You're a mensch.

Dave S. said...

Having read up on Hanukkah and the Maccabees in particular, my first reaction is "Hammer Time!"

smb said...

great vides