Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Alcohol-infused whipped cream + pink fluffy unicorns

Forget Jell-O shots, my friends. Indeed, why go to the trouble when there is now... alcohol-infused whipped cream. Let me just type that again: alcohol-infused whipped cream. An idea so brilliant, it is only a matter of time until the FDA bans it (and some concerned parent gets on my ass about seemingly promoting the stuff, which, in the case of CREAM, contains 15% alcohol by volume and is therefore totally inappropriate for children).

But between us adults, seriously, where was this product when we were in college -- or, to be politically correct (and legal), when we were in our 20s? Can you image the whipped-cream frat parties?

Though, come to think of it, my mother was putting rum in her whipped cream for as far back as I can remember, though I doubt her whipped cream was 30 proof, and I seem to have survived without too much brain damage. Then again, I wasn't squirting cans of the stuff down my gullet every weekend.

Of course, without alcohol-infused caffeinated drinks (or caffeine-infused alcohol) to kick around anymore (though I believe you can still order Irish coffee at many restaurants), the FDA and concerned citizens (aka killjoys) need something to go after, and it's probably just a matter of time until Whipped Lightning (the makers of Whipahol, available in Hazelnut Espresso, German Chocolate, and Caramel Pecan) and CREAM (tagline: Get Whipped), although they are marketed to adults and are only available in liquor or package stores, get pulled.

Until then, please squirt responsibly. Otherwise you might start seeing (and singing about) pink fluffy unicorns dancing on rainbows.

[MAJOR hat tip to FOB Larissa. I love you, (wo)man.]

UPDATED: Got an email from Kyle over at newsy.com asking me to include this video they did about the alcohol-infused whipped cream craze. Happy to oblige, Kyle.

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Sugar Daze said...

Send me some!

Anonymous said...

Just scared...

Charlene said...

I imagine the sex parties where someone is the dish and naked friends squirt whipped cream and then lick it off the body; frivolity ensues!

Ah hem; where can one purchase this sex toy... er dessert topping? SMILE

J. said...

@SugarDaze: Sadly, I don't think it would get through customs. :-(

@Charlene: BLUSH. Ahem indeed. Click on one of the hyperlinks in the post (for CREAM and/or Whipped Lightning), which will take you to the product's website, where you can click to find out which stores carry it.

larissa said...

The shape of the can
There is no more innocence
Look for unicorns