Saturday, December 11, 2010

Most annoying Christmas songs

We are not even halfway through the month of December, and I am already sick of Christmas music. And I like a lot of Christmas music! But these songs, which may or may not have seemed so annoying the first few times they were played on the radio (or in a department store), would test anyone's Christmas spirit when listened to dozens of times over the course of a few days, week after week, year after year.

Are these five Christmas songs the most annoying (and/or overplayed) Christmas songs ever? Though "ever" might be a bit harsh. (After all, one person's most annoying Christmas song is another person's best Christmas song ever.) You tell me -- and feel free to add to the list.

First up, Wham!'s "Last Christmas" (which has since been covered by Taylor Swift -- equally annoying -- and Cascada, though only Wham!'s version features big '80s hair and classic '80s threads).

Next, Paul McCartney and Wings' "Wonderful Christmas Time" (which may have been annoying right from the get go).

And although Mariah Carey's "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is way less annoying than Sir Paul & Co.'s "Wonderful Christmas Time," Carey's Christmas classic is still way overplayed, which earned it a spot on the list.

Ditto Christina Aguilera's "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (though the other 142 versions, by other artists, also annoy me).

And enough with John Lennon's "Happy Xmas (War Is Over)."

I am sure I am leaving out some annoying/overplayed Christmas song. So please feel free to add to the list (by leaving a comment. Bonus points for including a link to the music video).

Note: To see last year's Christmas music post, which featured such Christmas classics as Alvin and the Chipmunks' "Christmas Don't Be Late" (aka "The Hula Hoop Song") and a mashup of the Snow Miser and Heat Miser songs, click here.


JBC said...

And the best Xmas songs ever:

Ange said...

Aww no...can never have too much Wham!

Pleased to see "Snoopy's Christmas" isn't on the hit list. Seems to be a song people either love or hate.

Another David S. said...

Grinch that I am, I find them pretty much all annoying (except for The Waitresses' and Bruce Springsteen's contributions). However, while taping a friend's performance in NYC last week, I was pleasantly surprised by this take on "White Christmas":

Just posted, so check it out while it's still fresh! And feel free to spread the holiday joy... :-)

Dave S. said...

Allow me to address the contributions of the Beatles alumni:

1) Lennon stays in. No questions, no debate, I have spoken, so let it be written so let it be done, etc.

2) Sir Paul's contribution to the holiday songbook is so exquisitely awful that it has transcended its own awfulness and come out the other side as Essential. Damn, now I have its squishy beepiness in my head.

J. said...

Hmm... maybe I should have called this post "Best Christmas Songs Ever."

@JBC: Thank you for the links -- and for introducing me to some Xmas songs I was unfamiliar with.

@Ange: Wow. I haven't heard that one in AGES. In fact, I had to Google it as I didn't realize that was the song's proper name. (Always thought of it as Snoopy vs. The Red Baron.)

@Another David S.: OMG, I love The Waitresses' "Christmas Wrapping" (which I believe Dave S. featured in a blog post last Christmas time). And thank you for including a link to Deb's latest. Very nice. Though I am a sucker for the Bing Crosby version.

@Dave S.: Good to know I have your blessing. ;-)

Anonymous said...

The Christmas Shoes needs to be added to this list. I agreed with every song except the Wham one. But Christmas Shoes is the worst.