Monday, December 20, 2010

This Nativity scene is definitely not kosher

I heard about this bacon-and-sausage Nativity scene while listening to The Splendid Table this weekend on NPR -- and kept muttering "bacon-and-sausage Nativity scene" to myself while shopping so as not to forget to Google it when I got home.

Behold, the power of pork products!

For unto us a cocktail wiener is born?

We three kings of sausages are?

(Apparently these people did not know that Mary, Joseph, and Jesus were Jewish -- or have an interesting sense of humor/irony.)


amyz5 said...

that is just so wrong on a not so wrong level.

would like to see the post cooked state

larissa said...

Oh no, the piggies
Innocent, undeserving
Holiday sizzle

Dave S. said...

"Oh little town of Bethle-ham..."

By Epiphany, not only would Balthasar, Caspar and Melchior have shown up, but I suspect that Trichinosis would also put in an appearance.

Anonymous said...

Why is this disgusting concoction in the oven? Is there an "after" photo once it was cooked????

Ange said...

Are they standing on cheese???

J. said...

@amyz5 and @Anonymous: After I received your comments, I looked to see if there was an after photo, but apparently we have to wait until Easter. (Which gives me a great idea for a before-and-after scene of the Last Supper -- the former made with bread dough and the latter after it has come out of the oven, with the caption, He has risen.)

@larissa: They died for our sins.

@Dave S.: Ah yes, Trichinosis, the unclean Magi.

@Ange: That would be sauerkraut.

JWT said...

I don't know whether this dish is sweet or saviory.