Friday, December 3, 2010

Finally, a cure for UGG boots

I have never owned a pair of UGG boots, and frankly, until recently, had never been much tempted to own a pair. In fact, I have fond memories of hanging out in Santa Barbara with my friend, Larissa, making counting how many women we saw wearing UGG boots and mini skirts (in 60-plus-degree weather) into a drinking game. But that was before I beheld UGG Bailey Button Triplet Boots and suddenly
felt the irresistible pull of UGG boots.

Thank goodness, though, for UGGCITRIN, the only vaccine for the UGG boot virus.

[A big THANK YOU to Friend of the Blog (FOB) Another David S. for letting me know about UGGCITRIN.]


Charlene said...

I don't need the vacine. When I was a young child I began my boot career with knee high rubber milking parlor boots and that's all I will ever wear. SMILE

larissa said...

Warm, squishy, softness
Irresistible footwear
Get that vaccine quick

AlyssaGoodman said...

I got UGGS 5 years ago before anyone "here" had them. I really LOVE them & I have the PRACTICAL waterproof leather-bottom half kind. I do admit to feeling oh-so-trendy sometimes when I wear the UGGS, but I LOVE them for ONLY practical reasons...

Anonymous said...

I am a guy in Australia, and I also recently got a pair of waterproof UGG's - very comfortable for the coming winter down under!

Here in Australia, the hot looking girls wear them, but hardly any males wear them.

I don't care much for fashion, I wear them for practicality and I like them so far.