Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Men, not as useless as we women think!

Friend of the blog -- and man -- jjv sent me this humorous (London) Times Online article titled "101 Uses for a Man," which I felt compelled to share. (Note: The link goes to the print version of the article, which gives you all 101 uses on one page. However, if you would prefer to read the original version, here you go. There is also a link to the Times Online's sister article, "101 Uses for a Woman," there.)

For the record, I am the one who removes dead mice from the house (#35), though the spouse is in charge of ridding the house of spiders (#7) and insects and does a nice job of warming the bed (#55), opening jars (#83), and using lots of pots and pans to cook (#39), though I am not sure that last one is particularly useful. Ditto snoring (#85). That said, he does have many other good uses, such as fixing and maintaining our computers and grocery shopping (which includes getting my facial creams and other "feminine products"), neither of which made the list. In other words, he's a keeper.


larissa said...

And the winner is:
Watering the toilet seat
What is it, a plant?

GSA said...

I like #42.

Encore Entertainment said...

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TommyMac71 said...

So if we are good bed warmers, I think we should be exempt from not wanting to talk about every detail of every person's day that we know once you guys get into bed.

we warmed the bed, and therefore got a head start on that thing we call sleeping......

Dave S. said...

I'm number 2! I'm number 2!

Most guys approach the purchase of feminine products like Pee-Wee Herman rescuing the snakes from the burning pet shop.