Saturday, May 30, 2009


This is what greeted me (and my daughter) when we opened the door to our downstairs play area this morning -- along with two not-so-innocent-looking cats who acted as though it was no big deal, which really, it wasn't.

You live in the country (hey, compared to Manhattan, where I grew up, this IS the country). Mice live in the country. You do the math.

I am actually extemely proud of our little mousers (though I am sure it was mostly, if not all, Felix's doing). This is, I believe, their fourth or fifth kill since we've lived here (nine years now -- EEK -- now THAT's scary).

And contrary to the B. Kliban cat (at right), our cats do not eat them little mousies, nor bite their little heads off, nor nibble at their tiny feet. (Well, maybe there's a little nibbling.) They are just in it for the sport. Think mouse hockey.

Oh, and in case you're wondering what happened to the mouse, after snapping several mug shots of the victim (though actually my daughter took the one above), I donned my yellow latex gloves, grabbed a plastic bag, gently lifted and bagged the mouse, and deposited it in the garbage can in our garage -- without awaking the spouse, who is still sound asleep, upstairs.

As for Felix, he is taking a well deserved nap.

(Hmmm.... I wonder if Felix is keeping score, if in some dark corner downstairs he has one of those prison-wall-style hash mark systems noting his kills.)


@ScottBradley said...

We had a cat who always used to do this as well. It is funny how animals have a funny "human personality."

When this happened...

It felt like they would say (in a non-verbal way) "I found this for you...NOW GIVE ME TREATS!"

EMM said...

Eeek! Good thing you have CPS (cat protection system) in your house.

J. said...

That is very true, Scott. Flora in particular constantly brings me her toys or things she finds around the house -- and then expects to be lavished with attention and praise. (Btw, she is sitting atop my desk as I type this, with her right front paw poised over my keyboard.)

And yes, EMM, the CPS has come in very handy over the years. : ) No home should be without one (though I know you are allergic).

larissa said...

No need to call on J's house
Cats have it covered

Anonymous said...

I understand cats actually only bring back 10% of their kills as treats for their humans.

Anonymous said...

I has those B Kliban sheets when I was a kid, ask your husband if he remembers!

marindenver said...

Before we figured out where that hole in the base of the house into the garage was (and plugged it up) we had annual mouse (meece?) visitations in the fall and spring and, with three cats, more than a few mouse carcasses at the bottom of the stairs. And they did like to "bite they little heads off". The rest of it they left to us to clean up. Yuck.

But remind me to tell you the "Squirrel in the Christmas Tree" story one of these days.

Little Miss Cupcake said...

OMG! Where was Felix when I needed him? Our last apartment on Jane Street in Manhattan, so not the country as far as I know! had a terrace that was infested with mice. They frequently got into the apartment and I can't even begin to tell you the horror stories we had involving traps and sticky paper. Shudder. Everyone told me to get a mouse. I guess they were right! :)

J. said...

Larissa, we still need an exterminator, though just for bugs, which are EVERYWHERE. Ick.

Dear Anonymous Sister-in-Law, yes, he remembers. Sort of. ; )

Hey, Marindenver, does the Christmas tree story go something like, "Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house, not a creature was stirring, except for a squirrel?"

And yeah, our previous pair of cats, or at least our orange tabby, was an expert mouser and would actually eat his prey, or parts thereof, and leave pieces lying around for us to find.

LMC: UGH. Or ick. Though I am hoping they told you to get a cat, as it seems like you had plenty of mice. ; ) So, no mice in Paris? Just cute rats that can cook? (See "Ratatouille.")

M. Bouffant said...

Try tossing the objects that Flora brings to you, she may want to play fetch. I've had several cats who came up w/ the idea. Although some of them would only bring the object 3/4 of the way back, requiring me to get up to toss it again.

J. said...

Good idea, M. Bouffant. I usually just say "What a good girl!" and scratch her chin, which she really likes, when she deposits toys/objects on my desk or at my feet. Thanks for the suggestion.