Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What type of Facebook friend are you?

According to Facebook, every day 120 million people log on to the site, 30 million of whom update their status at least once a day. Who are these Facebook users or "friends"? (Btw, the site actually has 250 million active users. They just don't all log on to the site every day.) And can you categorize them?

In answer to the first question, Facebook users are EVERYONE. And in many ways, they defy categorization. They are young. They are old. They are famous or famous in their own minds. They are your friends, your neighbors, your coworkers, your kids, your parents. The list goes on and on, but if you are reading this, chances are you are on Facebook.

And while some people defy categorization, I have taken a stab at categorizing certain Facebook users. (Note: My list is far from inclusive, nor is it meant to cast aspersions on anyone.) If this were one of those Facebook quizzes/applications, and maybe someone will turn it into one (and if you do, please link to this post or give credit to J. of J-TWO-O or http://jtwoo.blogspot.com), it would be called "What type of Facebook friend are you?"

The Chatty Patty. Can be male or female. The Chatty Patty wants you to know what he/she is doing throughout the day, loves when you comment on his/her updates, will often comment on others status and/or photos and/links, and will comment on comments.

The Class Clown. Likes to post funny status updates, links, videos, and photos and will post funny comments on other people's Facebook pages, updates, links, videos, and photos.

The Flack. Someone who mainly uses Facebook to promote his/her self, blog, or business.

The Hit-and-Run Poster. Has a Facebook account and dozens (or hundreds) of Facebook friends but rarely posts status updates or pictures or links or comments. When the Hit-and-Run Poster does post an update or comment, it tends to be very short and often esoteric. Also rarely responds to comments.

The Philosopher. Likes to quote philosophers, writers, musicians, etc. in status updates and when commenting on other people's posts.

The Procrastinator. Really should be working or doing something else, but, hey, this status update will just take a sec and you've just got to check out this link/photo/video. Often posts comments on friends' Facebook pages and sends them links. May be confused with the Chatty Patty or Class Clown.

The Robin Leach. For these Facebookers, life is (seemingly) all Champagne wishes and caviar dreams. (They also rarely, if ever, comment on the more mundane goings on of others.)

The Wallflower or Ghost. Similar to the Hit-and-Run Poster, the Wallflower or Ghost has many Facebook friends but never (or only very rarely) posts status updates or comments on other people's status updates or photos or links.


Anonymous said...

I am somewhere between a Hit and Run and a Wallflower/Ghost. Personally, I hate it and wish it would go away - but, I think it is here to stay and getting more pervasive (and annoying). To me, it is a train-wreck, I keep trying to avert my eyes, but...

Anonymous said...

I change types though mostly chatty. Sometimes I fade away for a couple of weeks and then comment on everyone with a witty comment.

Sigh...I am YOUR Facebook friend!

Kendor said...

I am more of a WallFlower/Ghost than anything else (I suppose that I'm sometimes a Hit-and-Run guy too). While I'm intrigued by the brilliance of the technology and notion of bringing people closer together this way, FB makes me feel incredibly shy and un-profound. I just rarely feel like blurting out the whatevers of my life as it unfolds... it all seems so irrelevant to the bigger picture. I suppose this is generational.

Lizzy said...

I am a chatty clown procrastinator.

Oddly, when I am away from FB access, don't miss it and could live without it. But when it is there, just one mouse click away, it is a necessity.

All in all, a positive thing - reunites old friends/schoomates (that's how I found YOU, J.!), but can be negative - there are some things no one wants to know! TMI!

J. said...

Thanks for the comments! Me, I'm a Flack and a Procrastinator and a bit of a Class Clown. Btw, saw this (similar) article AFTER I wrote and posted mine. Funny stuff. Guess there is nothing new under the sun -- or on Facebook.

Facebook status said...

Nice Post, I really Enjoyed it, btw I am kind of "The Hit-and-Run Poster" Facebook Friend heehee :D