Sunday, August 2, 2009

Jesus Christ has a radio show? Who knew?

Holy Host, Batman! First billboards, now this, His own eponymous talk radio show, The Jesus Christ Show. I guess He really wants to get the word out. (What's next, the Jesus Christ blog? Though actually, I just Googled "Jesus Christ blog" and got over 23,000,000 results. Wow, no wonder He is too busy to help the Mets make it to the playoffs. Though on the up side, now we have the answer to the question "What would Jesus blog?" )

But getting back to The Jesus Christ (radio) Show... just say hallelujah and turn the dial... to KFI AM 640 or Sirius XM Channel 158 Sunday mornings between 6 and 9 a.m. PT/9 a.m. to 12 p.m. ET. (Yes, I know He doesn't have as good a time slot as Rush Limbaugh or Dr. Laura, who share the dial with him, but He's working on it.)

Don't live in the Los Angeles area (more sinners per capita!) or have satellite radio? No worries. You can receive the Host via the Internet or on demand.


[Slightly off topic: While trying to find just the right image of Him, as a radio talk show host (or Host), Google suggested I look for "Jesus Christ vampire hunter." Which, of course, I did. So, in addition to that big musical He did, where He was a Superstar, Jesus Christ now hunts vampires. Btw, the tagline for the original version of Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter? "The first testament says 'an eye for an eye.' The second testament says 'love thy neighbour.' The third testament ... Kicks Ass!!!" The tagline for the Blu-ray edition? "The Power of Christ Impales You!!!" You can watch the trailer here.]


Anonymous said...

Straight to 'H' 'E' double hockey sticks!! Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

But it looks like you will have much company!

TommyMac71 said...

That is one hell of a satellite signal....

EMM said...

I wonder if Jesus will be in the next Twilight movie?