Monday, October 29, 2012

Everyone knows it's Windy

In light of Hurricane Sandy's imminent arrival here in the Northeast, I thought a little music was in order. And what better way to say hello to a hurricane (and goodbye to your power) than with "Windy" by The Association.

Honorable mention also goes to the Eurythmics' "Here comes the rain again"...

And 10,000 Maniacs' "Like the weather."

Where on earth is the sun anyway?

Here's hoping Sandy loses steam quickly and causes a minimal amount of damage.

Be safe everyone. See you on the either side of the 800-mile storm.

UPDATED: Have another suggestion for a Sandy theme song? Please leave a Comment -- with the name of the song and a YouTube link.


Furbo said...

And here I thought that "the answer was Blowin' in the Wind."

Digging on the "Windy" Piccolo solo...not sure I've ever heard one on a pop tune... I remember this was a hit the summer I was 8 years old...

Fact Lovin' Democrat said...

J, you were clearly never a teenaged boy. Otherwise you would have included The Scorpions "Rock You Like a Hurricane."

Dave S. said...

I believe this is what you are looking for.

Here's my New Wave entry with the lowest lyrics-to-visuals relevance I have seen, but as a Plane Nerd it made me happy (Sopwith Triplane, represent!).

J. said...

@Furbo, everything else is. What was the question?

@Fact Lovin' Democrat, and for that I am grateful. Cannot believe I forgot to include "Rock you like a hurricane"! Good one.

@Dave S., Neil Young singing "Rock you like a hurricane" almost made me wish we didn't have power. However, you quickly redeemed yourself with Ultravox's "Reap the wind." Thanks for the entries!

Dave S. said...

Hmm, I thought that was "Like a Hurricane," but I could be mistaken.


PPS - Plane Nerd forgot to mention that the monoplane featured in the Ultravox video was the aptly-named Hawker Hurricane. (bows, gets caught in gust of wind and tumbles across lawn)

J. said...

@Dave S., my bad. Guess I have "Rock you like a hurricane" on the brain. (That video is hard to forget.) My apologies to you and Mr. Young. "Like a hurricane" it is.

EMM said...

Why not "Sandy" from the Grease soundtrack? You're welcome, continue singing your favorite song from the musical!

If I had been able to post earlier, I would have suggested Scorpions as well.

Rock on & stay safe!