Friday, October 5, 2012

Yet another '80s new wave music video Friday

Anyone else notice the increased use of 1980s new wave music in commercials the last few months? And I'm not just talking about those Target back-to-school ads. Then this morning, in the space of less than half an hour, I heard "It ain't what you do (it's the way that you do it)" sung by Bananarama and Fun Boy Three, three times -- as it was featured in the new HP Officejet Pro printer ad that is everywhere.

Which, of course, got me thinking about 1980s new wave music, which got me thinking, for some reason, about "AEIOU sometimes Y" by EBN OZN...

I seriously loved that song back in the day. Though I do not miss '80s hair and clothing. WTF were we thinking, people?

Anyway... EBN OZN (though the power -- or algorithms -- of YouTube) led me to Romeo Void and "A girl in trouble (is a temporary thing)"...

another great song. Which led me to Bow Wow Wow's "I want candy."

I want candy! Actually, I just want breakfast. Probably an apple with peanut butter, which is like candy. Anyway, I am off. But feel free to share some of your favorite '80s songs in the comments section -- and let me know what '80s songs you've heard in commercials recently.

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