Thursday, November 1, 2012

MIT Style (Geek parody of Gangnam Style)

I have a soft spot for both the PSY song "Gangnam Style" and geeks, having spent a lot of time at MIT during my college days and having married one. So when I saw this parody of "Gangnam Style" created by a bunch of MIT students and professors (aka geeks and nerds), I couldn't resist posting. (We're on Day 4 without power. We have no generator. Schools are closed. We're cold and cranky. And I am easily amused. Or not so easily.)

More of my favorite "Gangnam Style" parodies here.

I will post something incredibly witty and/or profound once my power and sanity have been restored.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This will be your last post?????

(I assumed, since you said when your sanity returns, and known you many moons, you have NEVER been sane)

Wooop woop!