Sunday, October 14, 2012

Cats vs. Dogs

There's a battle being waged in this country, people. Not a battle between Democrats and Republicans, or even good versus evil, but between cat people and dog people. And the fur is flying.

Granted, this battle for feline or canine supremacy has been waged for hundred of years. But now the folks at Purina want to settle the score by asking Americans, "Is America a Cat or Dog Country?"* (Click on the link to vote.)

And while there are more dog-owning households in the United States than cat-owning ones -- 46.3 million households vs. 38.9 million, according to the 2011-2012 APPA National Pet Owners Survey -- that in no way means that dogs are better than cats.

Indeed, I believe I speak for cat owners and cat lovers everywhere when I say, Cats rule, dogs drool! And here's the proof.

You need more evidence? Here is scientific proof (sort of) that cats are better than dogs!

Heck, even dog owners think canines, especially their own canines, are't terribly bright. Hence the popularity of sites like Which doesn't speak highly of dog owners. Seriously, you wouldn't see cat owners posting about cat shaming. (Oh wait...)

Don't get me wrong. I like dogs. They are loyal and (usually) sweet and (usually) trainable. But so are cats (except for the trainable part, though I have seen some amazing trained cats). And I have yet to meet a cat that chewed shoes, tore the place apart when his human left him alone for a few hours, destroyed objects at random, and had to be housebroken.

But if you want to make an argument for dogs, feel free to do so in the Comments.

*Though isn't part of what makes America so great is that we value diversity and tolerance -- that is, cats and dogs, hamsters and rabbits, guinea pigs and hedgehogs, snakes and turtles? Isn't there room enough in this great big country of ours for pet owners of all types? (Except for people who own chimpanzees and tigers; they're just crazy or stupid.)


Jim Smith II said...

I've had dogs most of my adult life, and with all due respect, none of them have "chewed shoes, tore the place apart", etc. because I've taken the time to train them.

Just like there are very few bad kids, just bad parents, there are even fewer bad dogs, just bad owners.

Anonymous said...


You gave all my reasons (except the furry ball of love in your lap)