Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Why should you vote for Mitt Romney?

If you answer "yes" to two or more of the following questions, you should (and are no doubt going to) vote for Mitt Romney.

Do you make over $1 million per year and hate paying taxes, especially if it means your money is going to help other people (directly or indirectly) who make less money than you do?

Do you think public education is mainly for people who can't afford to send their kids to, or whose kids aren't bright enough to get into, private school?

Do you have your own private security force and crew of volunteer firefighters (i.e., you and your family do not need the help of municipal policemen or firemen)?

Do you enjoy driving on potholes and find it thrilling to drive on a bridge or through a tunnel that could potentially collapse at any time (due to a lack of regular maintenance and repairs)? 

Can you afford to send your children to college and graduate school without any kind of government loan or assistance?

Are you and your family in perfect health -- and will remain in perfect health until you die? Or can you afford to pay insurance, even if you or a family member have a pre-existing condition or become critically ill and are denied insurance coverage?

Will you never need unemployment money, even if you lose your job and are unable to find a new one within six months or a year?

Do you believe we should bomb the heck out of Iran and any other country that threatens U.S. interests abroad -- while believing it is essential to cut government spending (which would include assistance for veterans)?

Do you believe that women who are raped and become pregnant were really asking for it and should therefore be forced to carry a fetus to term?

Do you believe that the separation of Church and State is an outmoded idea and that religion should trump civil law?

Do you work for the Koch Brothers and cannot afford to lose your job?

Does the idea of a guy with brown skin, who didn't get that way via a tanning parlor or summers in the Hamptons and weekends in Palm Beach, being President of the United States scare or anger you?

Btw, if you answered "no" to two or more of these questions, you should not vote for Mitt Romney (and Paul Ryan) but should vote for President Barack Obama. 


Anonymous said...

Scary list.

Last night really showed how out of touch with us 'folk' Mitten really is.

John Barker said...

Not cute. Not funny. Not accurate. And that's the watered down version of my comment. I'll send you the real one via FB so you can privately review.

Anonymous said...

Someone's dander is up!

It is called joking!!!!

larissa said...

Who names their kid Mitt?
Who are WE if we have a
President Mittens?

Dave S. said...

Yes, nothing like Facebook for privacy, is there.

When two-thirds of criticism is subjectively based and no evidence is provided for the remaining third, "watered down" is an understatement.

Someone appears to have struck a nerve.

John Barker said...

@ Dave. Watered down because I have no interest flaming J or her blog. She's been a friend of mine for about 25 years, I respect her, and I like the blog. But yes, she struck a nerve, so I sent a private message on FB. I suspect she'll forgive me.