Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Maybe the Jets should change their name...

to the New York* Beefcakes.

First they sign a quarterback, Mark Sanchez, who keeps showing up in GQ (often half dressed)...

(Sigh. I never get tired of looking at that picture.)

And then they sign a backup quarterback, Tim Tebow (though who really thinks Tim Tebow is going to be a "backup" for long?), who is a spokesmodel for Jockey underwear!

(Mmmm... Lord give me strength.)

Not that as a green-blooded female Jets fan I'm complaining -- about the scenery. But I worry that this battle of the hunky quarterbacks could be a distraction.

The Tim Tebow signing has already created a media circus (though I thought Tebow carried himself well at yesterday's press conference -- and was pleasantly surprised by how humble and sincere he came across.) Do we really need a war over which GQ QB is the hottest?

*or, more accurately, the New Jersey


Edward P. Schwartz said...

My understanding is that most Long Islanders are Jets fans, not Giants fans. Do you think the Jewish fan base will take to Tim Tebow? I think the first time he thanks Jesus, despite throwing 4 picks, he will experience a uniquely NY rude awakening.

Dave S. said...

*or, more accurately, the New Jersey

Thank you.

Edward, I suspect Tebow would blame insufficient prayer before thanking Jesus for the tribulation, but tribulation has nothing on the back page of the Post.

J. said...

@Edward, in the Church (or Temple) of Football, the only thing that matters is if you win the game. If Tebow helps the Jets get to the Promised Land (i.e., the Super Bowl), no one will be carping about his faith (or very few).