Monday, March 12, 2012

You call that a Shamrock Shake?

What have you done to the Shamrock Shake, McDonald's?!

(Warning: to those of you on a diet or under the impression that green foods are healthy or were planning on actually consuming a McDonald's Shamrock Shake in the next two weeks, do not click on that link.)

Whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top?! And what's with the McCafé?! When did shamrocks become French? (Not that there are any shamrocks in the McDonald's Shamrock Shake, or anything wrong with being French, but....) For crying out loud, McDonald's. You would never see Uncle O'Grimacey gulping down such a frou-frou beverage (or me, for that matter).

Also, that tagline, "Want cool and minty?" Cool and minty?! Puh-lease. Hey, I know. Why not call it the McCafé Crème de Menthe and offer it on Bastille Day?! (Again, my apologies to the French.)

Better yet, chase the snakes (or former Starbucks employees) out of your marketing department, McDonald's, and bring back the original non-whipped-cream-and-maraschino-cherry-topped Shamrock Shake, and drop the McCafé.

Thank you. This has been a St. Patrick's Day public service announcement.

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