Thursday, March 1, 2012

Make my mom happy. Buy her children's book.

Even if you don't give a hoot about making my mother happy, and frankly why should you, you should buy this book if you have kids, or grandchildren, or nieces and nephews, or cousins, or godchildren aged 7 or younger. Why? Because it's a really great children's book, about a curious polar bear who explores Central Park in New York -- and the illustrations are gorgeous. And it would score me and the spouse (who created and manages the website) major brownie points.

But don't take my word for it that Polarity Bear Tours the Zoo: A Central Park Adventure is a great children's book. See for yourself at

And if clicking a link and scrolling through a website is more than you can bear right now, here's a sample page. (Click the photo to enlarge. Then click the back (arrow) button on your browser to return to the post.)

Pretty great illustrations, yes? (That would be a rhetorical question.)

Seriously, what kid wouldn't love this book?! (Again, that would be a rhetorical question.)

But wait, there's more! If you click on this special link for J-TWO-O readers,, you'll get $2 off the $17.95 retail price! (The book was self-published and is currently only available via the web.)

Don't have any rugrats of your own or your kids are too old to be reading a cute story about a fun-loving polar bear? I bet you've got friends and co-workers and relatives who do, who would just love Polarity Bear Tours the Zoo: A Central Park Adventure. And if you send them a link to this post, they can get the $2 off discount.

Okay, I believe my work here is done.

Happy Mom?

(And maybe next time you write a children's book, that was indirectly inspired by your one and only child, who said she would tell all her friends and blog readers about it, you might dedicate the book to her. )


Anonymous said...

I am rather fond of rhyming books for children...Stick Man, Gruffalo, Snail and the Whale, Zog etc....Looks good J....Best of luck to your Mum.

The Daily Del Franco said...

Haven't I read about a similar book about a grumpy bear who is prone to snap at children?

My apologies. That title was Bi-Polarity Bear....

Best of luck with the endeavor!