Sunday, June 28, 2009

Pitchman Billy Mays goes Kaboom!

The world has lost another voice (literally) with the death this morning of pitchman extraordinaire Billy Mays, who, like Michael Jackson, was only 50 years old.

No cause of death has (as of this writing) been reported for Billy Mays, who was found dead in his Tampa, FL, home, but Vince the ShamWow guy is being sought for questioning.

Now who will yell at me to buy all sorts of great-sounding but totally useless stuff?! Sigh.

RIP Billy Mays.

UPDATED 8/7/09: According to a recently completed autopsy, OxiClean was not the only white powder Pitchman Billy Mays was sniffin'. While technically Mays died from a heart attack, officials found cocaine in his system, which, they said, contributed to (or brought on) the heart attack. So that's why he was always so hyper and loud....

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