Thursday, August 25, 2011

This place about to blow

I know hurricanes are nothing to sneeze at (achoo), but does anyone else think the networks and the Weather Channel are milking this storm for all it's worth? Frankly, some of the coverage is a bit morbid. It's like the forecasters and reporters want this to be a really bad storm, so they have several days worth of news (and devastation) to prattle on about. Of course, if we don't have power, we can't watch the news, but that's another story.

We here at J-TWO-O Central are taking the usual precautions: stocking up on water and batteries/flashlights and candles and basic foodstuffs and making sure our various devices are fully charged by Sunday morning.

So what are you (i.e., those of you who live along the I-95 corridor) doing to prepare for the big blow? And where do you think this sucker is going to make landfall? Leave me a comment.

P.S. What's next, fire? (We already had earth(quake), now wind.)

UPDATE 1: Went to the supermarket early this morning -- and could not believe how empty some of the shelves were. I was lucky to get a gallon of 1% milk! And forget about tuna fish and peanut butter. And the lines! Fortunately, the liquor store was calmer and well stocked, and I was able to find a six-pack of the spouse's current fave beer, Palm, as well as some Chimay Grand Reserve. The spouse is heading out to get propane for the grill later -- and a flat of seltzer.

UPDATED 8/28: Lost power around 1:45 a.m. this morning, even though it was barely raining and the wind wasn't blowing that hard at the time. Most of our town and the surrounding small, tree-filled towns are without power. No estimate as to when power will be restored. Fortunately, we have plenty of propane and water and creativity. The spouse was going to make bread, but now we're going to make pizzas on the gas grill for dinner. When the kid said she was bored, I told her we could always read Bible verses aloud and play board games. Haven't seen her since. Pray for power!

UPDATED 8/31: Day 4 without power -- or running water! And let me just say, reading by candlelight has lost it's romance (even though I've been reading historical romance novels -- just seemed appropriate). And school will not open until after Labor Day -- a week late (actually 8 days late)! And my small business has taken a major hit. But, it could be worse! At least it's not raining in our living room this time!

UPDATED 9/3: Got power back last night. Am now playing catch-up with work. Will probably post something later this weekend.


Betty Cracker said...

Sounds like you're neglecting the most important preparation: reinforcement of your liquor supply.

The rain bands are rolling though my area now, but luckily for us, this one will pass us by. In fact, it's sucked the dreadful humidity out of the air and provided a pleasant breeze!

Seriously, though, best of luck. Here's my favorite hurricane tracking site:

Careful -- it can be addictive.

larissa said...

TV weather hype
Mother Nature is in charge
Deal with it people

J. said...

@Betty, I made a beer run this morning in your honor. Cheers!

@Larissa, but think of the ratings!

czechgurl4u said...

I"m spoiled. I live back at home. (gasp, sigh) and we have a huge @$$ backup generator. Aside from that we have tons of water put aside. And I have candles, matches and a hellacious stack of books.

The only thing that could make it better is someone to cuddle with.

Be safe!

Ange said...

Yikes! Batten down the hatches and take it easy over there. We've had some freakish weather here too. Last Monday it SNOWED in Auckland for the first time in my LIFE! It was amazing! I've never even SEEN snow in real life.

J. said...

@czechgurl4u, sounds like you will be riding out the storm in style. I'll be right over. :-)

@ange, it SNOWED in Auckland?! Whoa. That can't be a good sign.

Dave S. said...

Your activity suggestion was excellent. "Why is this tropical storm not like other tropical storms?"

Also, remember that if the water supply goes, beer is safer to drink than untreated water.

Good luck!

J. said...

And still no power -- or restoration estimate!

czechgurl4u said...

How are you doing J? Miss you lady bug!

Ange said...

All righty then...ummm...just it time to worry about you yet??

J. said...

Got power back last night. Am now playing catch-up with work. Will probably post something later this weekend. The only thing I really missed? Running water. And if it wasn't for work and school being canceled, I would not have missed Internet access.