Wednesday, August 3, 2011

H8 H8ERS (as seen in Washington, D.C.)

Technically, I saw this fabulous license plate -- H8 H8ERS ("HATE HATERS," for those of you who haven't had your morning coffee yet) -- in Northern Virginia. But I was on my way back from Washington, D.C., where I had passed by the Capitol as the Senate was voting on increasing the debt ceiling. And had to take a picture.

Wonder if the owner of the SUV was a Democrat or a Republican.... Any theories?

(Am also wondering if H8 H8ERS is available in my state.)


larissa said...

Hating the haters
It just makes one more hater
The world has enough

Ange said...

Oh nooooo....this is too deep. Maybe I'm a haters hater? If that's true, then that makes me a hater. But if I love the haters then I'd be...wha???!!?? Oooh, my poor little brain :-O

What if I just ignore the haters and pretend they don't exist?

J. said...

@Larissa, true that. I just thought the license plate was funny.

@Ange, I think my head just exploded. ;-) But I like your suggestion of ignoring the haters. If only that would make them go away. Though maybe if the media ignored them they would!