Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gone hog wild

I love pigs (even the male chauvinist kind). So you can imagine my delight when the spouse and I came across a family of adorable piglets in a nearby hamlet, on our way back from a recent bike trip. (The spouse's reaction to the petite porkers? "Mmm... bacon!")

This first picture I call "Pork Butts," though the spouse likes "Everybody in the Pool!"

This next one I've titled "Hamming It Up," though "Snorf!" would also work.

Next up, "Nom nom nom nom." (Wish I had taken a video of the piglets grunting and pushing each other out of the way to obtain prime position. So cute!)

And finally we have "Bacon at rest." (All that eating and shoving and grunting wears a piglet out. Though I can only imagine how tired the piglets' mother, a thousand-pound sow from the looks of her, felt nursing eight greedy little piggies!)

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