Sunday, August 7, 2011

He is... the most interesting cat in the world

They invented yarn... just to amuse him.

The Trevi Fountain is his water bowl.

He doesn't require catnip. Other cats gets high licking him.

He holds the world's record in the high jump.

When he sheds, people rush to collect his fur and make it into clothing.

He is... the most interesting cat in the world.

"I don't often get to eat human food, but when I do... I prefer tuna fish.

"Stay hungry my friends."


czechgurl4u said...

He is the Chuck Norris of cats! Love it!

Betty Cracker said...

Hahaha! I had a cat once who loved tuna water (the water you drain from a can of tuna) above all things. If you gave her a bowl of tuna water and a bowl of tuna, she'd drink the water first.

Lori said...

reminds me of a cat I used to have that would kamikaze attack me from atop the bathroom door. I finally figured out she was getting up there by jumping to the counter first, then to the top of the door. She must have had a boatload of patience to go along with her awesome balance!

J. said...

@czechgurl4u, the spouse and I loved your comment, "the Chuck Norris of cats!" He is indeed (though he's more liberal in his politics ;-). Btw, how did you find the blog?

@Betty Cracker, Felix LOVES tuna water, possibly more than tuna. He goes nuts whenever the spouse makes a tuna fish sandwich or salad.

@Lori, now your cat sounds like the Chuck Norris of cats! I hope she was declawed. Btw, how did you find the blog?

czechgurl4u said...

I have no idea how I found it, gah! It's been almost a year that I've read it and I LOVE it. Please keep up the awesome work!