Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dog as art*?

Excuse me sir, How much is that (French bull)doggie in the window?

The artist did a fantastic job. So lifelike! The French bulldog actually appears to be breathing! (Click on the photo to get a larger view. Then click the back arrow to return to the post.)

I call zees masterpiece "Dog Days of Summer." Eez very realistic, non?

(A woman passing by wondered whether the dog's name was "Art.")

*Alternate title: Let sleeping dogs lie... in art gallery windows.


Betty Cracker said...


larissa said...

As I meet people
Dogs become more appealing
Each and every day

Erin said...

To Miss Larissa,
I really like your haiku;
Couldn't agree more.

Dave S. said...

Must have been one of those all-night poker games.

J. said...

Larissa, Erin,
I thank you for the haikus.
Am wagging my tail.

@Dave S., LOL :-)