Thursday, March 3, 2011

My warm happy place

I wasn't always an anxious, uptight bitch. In fact, sometimes I can be downright mellow. And it doesn't even require alcohol or drugs. Just need a few warm, sunny days, a body of water (preferably with a beach attached), good food (that someone else cooked and cleaned up), and no computers -- in other words a few days, unplugged, on St. Martin. (Picture me as this contented cat, minus the three dozen bottles of rum -- and enjoying a higher grade of cat food.)

Ah... paradise. (FYI, all the pictures are mine, taken with my new Canon PowerShot S95. Love that little camera. Love St. Martin. Until next year...)


David T. said...

looks like paradise

Laura47 said...

So, so beautiful....and makes me madly jealous because we were just there last month and it was SO lovely. Perfect air temp, stunning blue water, just heaven on earth. I keep asking myself, why do I live here in the cold north again?

J. said...

@David T., It is.

@Laura47, I ask myself the same thing.