Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cats with thumbs + Beam me up, Priceline (new William Shatner ad)

Sure, I thought about writing on some really important topic, like bullying (it's not just for kids!), or the ongoing Federal budget stalemate, or the Middle East crisis, or the rising price of oil (and gold) and the threat of inflation, even Charlie Sheen. But why blog about those downer topics when you can blog about cats with thumbs (possibly the funniest ad ever) and Priceline's latest "Negotiator" ad, featuring William Shatner and a lot of Star Trek (the original series) references? I know!

So first up, this hysterically funny ad for Cravendale milk, a dairy in the United Kingdom, titled "Cats with Thumbs":

And the new Priceline Negotiator ad featuring William Shatner (and a lot of Star Trek references), titled "Department of Negotiation":

How many Star Trek references did you count? (You just know some Trekkie or Trekker out there has done this.)

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