Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Mourning in America

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm probably (definitely) not the first one to use that headline (though I haven't seen it this morning - yet). But it seemed an appropriate title for the morning after Tuesday's midterm elections, in which the Republicans regained control of the House of Representatives, though not the Senate. Not that it will make much (if any) difference.

And speaking of "the morning after," for some reason, all morning long I have had Maureen McGovern singing "The Morning After" playing in (with?) my head. Which, though very unpleasant, seems incredibly appropriate since I just discovered that "The Morning After" was the theme song for The Poseidon Adventure.

Indeed, The Poseidon Adventure could in many ways serve as a metaphor for what George W. Bush and the Republicans (and/or mortgage bankers and/or investment bankers/hedge fund managers) did to our economically healthy ship of state. I only hope President Obama can somehow manage to right it before more livelihoods are lost. Oh, and before some of you get on my ass (or blog) telling me how Obama is responsible for this mess, please to be reading this and this and definitely this (which I love).

Also, for those of you wringing your hands about yesterday's midterm elections, I highly recommend this post from Rumproast, sarcastically titled "2010 Is Nothing Like 1994, Really."

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