Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Who says cats aren't affectionate?

I am always perplexed when people state that cats are simply not affectionate (like dogs are). Puh-lease. If my two cats were any more affectionate, I would have to buy a lint roller company.

I'll give you that some cats are not as friendly as dogs, preferring to go about their own business without any human intervention. But not affectionate? I can't get my cats to leave me alone. Indeed, if I do not constantly pet Flora, she will take her right (or left) paw and gently tap me on the shoulder or rub up against me or sit on top of my work and block my monitor until I pet her (some more).

And I am such a softy that I don't have the heart to wake up Felix (my black cat) when he's curled up in my lap. Which, despite the title of the video, is why I often spend hours working at the computer without getting up (or eating or showering) and probably have clots in both legs that would surely kill me if I did not work out regularly.

But despite the inconvenience, I wouldn't trade my two cats for anything. They're purr-fect.


Charlene said...

I have one cat and she is a wonderful companion. She will sit on the arm of my big chair while I hold the keyboard on my lap and type. She likes to sit on my feet when I'm on the couch and while reading the paper she sits on the top back of the loveseat slapping me with her tail. I believe cat purring is a drug for blood pressure control.

Martha Kruy said...

Some claim that cats are not all that smart either...they obviously have never had a cat! Cats were once revered in Egypt as well as other ancient cultures.

Anonymous said...