Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Cat named Rabbit adopts pup named Bambi

Warning: This blog post contains excessive cuteness.

I first heard about this mom-cat-adopts-orphaned-puppy story a few days ago (on the Weather Channel of all places), and wanted to share this great feel-good story, but I couldn't find embeddable video -- until now.

Meet Mrs. Rabbit, a beautiful gray long-haired cat, her two kittens, Thumper and Friend Owl, and the orphaned Chihuahua/Shih Tzu puppy she adopted, Bambi, while at the Cleveland Animal Protective League.

You can learn more about Mrs. Rabbit, her two kittens, and Bambi the puppy, as well as see additional video of them, here.

Btw, per the Cleveland APL site, while Bambi has since been spoken for, Mrs. Rabbit and her two kittens are still looking for a home. So if any of you reside in the Cleveland area, please consider adopting this remarkable cat and her kittens.


Charlene said...

They are cute. I tell ya those Cleveland people are not slow about fund raising gimicks!

Foxy said...

Aw. Good way to start of the morning.

larissa said...

Cats know where it's at
Please adopt me too