Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Al Gore, Tipper Gore split

Alternate title: Tipper Tells Al to Kiss Off. (Or maybe it was vice president versa.)

I wonder what the Vegas odds were on Al Gore and Tipper Gore splitting before Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton? Pretty high, I imagine.

Seriously, who would have ever guessed (well, besides maybe their close friends and the woman we will probably find out Al Gore has been having an affair with) that Al and Tipper Gore would officially separate before Bill and Hillary Clinton, especially after that infamous kiss? (Though that seems like an eternity ago now.) Anyone? Anyone?

And Al and Tipper just celebrated (?) their 40th wedding anniversary.

Sigh. Yet another seemingly "perfect" couple bites the dust. Or was it all just a facade?

Guess this means Al Gore won't be running for President again.

More on Al Gore and Tipper Gore's split here and here.

UPDATED: No sooner did the news hit than comedians started in with Al Gore pickup lines over on Twitter. If you think of one, leave it as a Comment here.

UPDATED 6/2/10: Apparently, there are a lot of people wanting to know if Al Gore is having an affair -- and coming to J-TWO-O to find out. (If you type into Google "Al Gore having an affair," no quotes, this blog post shows up on the first page as the seventh entry -- or it did when I just typed it in.) As I wrote above, it wouldn't surprise me if Al "I've got the key to your lockbox" Gore was having an affair, but I think we should all give him the benefit of the doubt... for now.


David T. said...

didn't see this one coming!

Anonymous said...

Re: your comment about Al not running, maybe Al wants to run in 2012 or 2016 (he is currently only 62), and Tipper said no way I am going through that again . . . and meant it.

EMM said...

Really? I had to read it twice to believe it. Now I'm just dreading the endless "why" stories that will be all over the media.


J. said...

@David T., I don't think most of us did.

@Anonymous, You may have something there. Could be. But I think it would be hard to run as a recently divorced man -- and even harder if he shows up on the campaign trail with "a newer model."

@EMM, Really. And I felt the same way. Btw, the endless "why" stories have already begun -- especially the "Is he having an affair?" queries (which I know from looking at my Google Analytics for this post). Meh indeed.

Ryan said...

This video uses media coverage from a variety of different sources to examine Al and Tipper's split:


Also, keep up the good work J!