Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun Father's Day Gift Ideas (for the dad with a sense of humor)

Wondering what to get dear old lovable dad this Father's Day (June 20)? Well, look no further! These fun-tastic Father's Day gifts are sure to please any dad -- or, that is, any dad with a sense of humor.

First up... for those of you who have always had trouble talking with your dad, or ever felt he just didn't understand you, there's Communicate Effectively with Your Father Breath Spray. Which, at $5.99 (plus shipping and handling), is quite a bargain for a product that gives you the ability to suddenly converse with your old man. (Hey, it's cheaper than a round of golf and a couple of beers.)

Is your dad (or the father of your child/ren) the "thrifty" type? Then consider getting him the Men's Underwear Repair Kit. Complete with needle and thread, patches, and duct tape -- and a 32-page instruction man-u-al -- the Men's Underwear Repair Kit can save his drawers as well as his dignity. (Of course, you could just get him some new underwear. But what fun is that?)

For the hands-on dad who is always on the floor or in the basement doing or looking for projects to do with the kids, I recommend GeekDad: Awesomely Geeky Projects and Activities for Dads and Kids to Share. (Note to dads of young children who may be reading this: Taking apart -- and trying to put back together-- the vacuum cleaner or the TV or mommy's new iPhone are strictly off limits.)

Or you could get him Star Trek Monopoly. (As a Star Trek fan, I would buy this for the playing pieces and kitsch value alone. Dibs on the phaser!)

And for the dad who likes to garden and glug, there is the Grow Your Own Beer Garden. (I just love the description on ThinkGeek: "Everything you need to grow barley, hops, and wheat. These are the three magic plants that make up BEER! A great family plant activity that ends in adult beverages. Win/win!")

Or you could just get him a membership to the Beer of the Month Club.

Lastly, for a Father's Day gift that's literally out of this world, why not buy dad an acre of real estate on Mars?

Per BuyMars.com, "the Earth's oldest, most recognized celestial real estate agency," "250 very well known celebrities, over 30 former and current members of NASA, [and] 2 former US Presidents*" already have, as has Marriott. (Note: Offer does not include Mars Rover.)

Wishing all the dads out there a very happy Father's Day...

*Any guesses as to which two? (I have no clue.)


Anonymous said...

Nice ideas. However, I still think that the handmade card from the child is the ideal father's day gift.

Kendor said...

Mars sounds great, but I want 40 acres, the proverbial mule, and also a chance at the controls at the JPL :-)

Dave S. said...

I do not endorse the use of duct tape anywhere in that general region, or anywhere body hair is present for that matter.

Some dads like gift certificates from this place. Just sayin'.

Verification word "gatilemp" as in "I used that Men's Underwear Repair Kit and now I gatilemp."

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