Sunday, June 13, 2010

You know you're getting old(er) when...

You begin sentences with "Hey, you kids!" or "Back when I was a kid...."

You realize mom/dad may have had a point/been right.

The music you listened to growing up can only be found on "oldies" or "classic rock" stations -- or in an episode of Glee.

You ask the cashier at the liquor store, "Aren't you going to card me?"

Staying up late means making it past 9 o'clock.

Your kids stay up/out later than you do.

You find yourself eying an attractive male/female at the gym and suddenly realize he/she's young enough to be your son/daughter.

You find yourself reading with your arms held straight out in front of you.

You don't make fun of those Grecian Formula (or Just for Men) and/or Rogaine or frequent urination or diaper or ED ads anymore.

You receive a thick envelope from AARP and realize it's not junk mail.

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Foxy said...

Shoot. I'm only 24 and apply to at least 5-6 things on the list...should I be worried?

J. said...