Sunday, May 30, 2010

I joined the cast of Glee!

Along with my daughter and thousands of other Glee fans who attended "Glee Live!" at Radio City Music Hall this weekend.

But we really did feel like a part of the cast, thanks to our amazing seats (eleventh row, orchestra -- I love you, StubHub) and how much the show felt like one big episode of Glee.

And while some performers disappoint in person, J-THREE-O and I can attest to the fact that the entire cast of Glee (that is, the members of New Directions -- Rachel, Finn, Mercedes, Puck, Quinn, Tina, Artie, Santana, Brittany, and Kurt, as well as "the Asian guy," who I just found out via Wikipedia is named "Mike Chang," and "the African American guy," whose name no one knows, who don't have any lines but are in more and more episodes) actually sounded better live -- and put on quite a show (see pictures, below).

Even Mr. Schuester and Sue Sylvester made a guest appearance, "via satellite," with Sue nearly stealing (or trying to steal) the show, by having Cheerios hand out Barf Bags during intermission.

Though some of the funniest moments -- or lines -- from "Glee Live!" came from ditzy blonde cheerleader Brittany (the actress, singer, and very accomplished dancer Heather Morris).

I wish I could have videotaped the entire "Glee Live!" show, from start to finish (though that is probably illegal), so I could watch it again and again. (If a DVD comes out, I am so buying it -- it was that good.) But I did videotape a couple songs, "Don't Stop Believing," which I either accidentally erased or taped over, and "Bad Romance," which I didn't -- and which received over 100 hits minutes after I posted it to YouTube last night.

I now truly feel like a Gleek.

UPDATED: Just found this video of "Bust Your Windows," sung by Mercedes, from the "Glee Live!" show in Phoenix. It was one of my favorite numbers from the "Glee Live!" show at Radio City.


Edward P. Schwartz said...

I should never have called you a dork. Clearly, you are a Gleek.

J-THREE-O said...

I think the Oxford English Dictionary needs to add the word "Gleek" to its next edition. Hey, they added "EVOO" (Extra Virgin Olive Oil), so why not "Gleek"?

Gleek (gluh eek) NOUN; a person who is incredibly addicted to the hit T.V. show, "Glee".

Anonymous said...

Genius-allof it.

I'm a Gleek, you are a Gleek, EVERYONE is Gleek!