Wednesday, June 30, 2010

BP, putting America back to work

I caught this video clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live, titled "BP Keeps Focusing on the Positive," this morning while watching Morning Joe* at the gym. And it is too brilliant not to share.

Btw, re the statistic Jimmy Kimmel quotes at the beginning, that 6% of Americans have a favorable rating of BP (or at least not a negative one), I believe it. Every time I pass a BP gas station (there are two close to where we live), there are always plenty of cars getting or waiting to get gas, though I no longer will get my gas from either one (though I realize Mobil and Shell and Sunoco aren't really any better).

While the video is funny, the oil leak is no laughing matter, and I get sick every time I see/hear about the damage it is doing to the environment, to nature, and to the livelihoods of the people who live in and around the Gulf of Mexico. But in many ways, we only have our oil-loving selves to blame. 9/11 didn't get us to reduce our dependence on oil. And it looks like the BP leak won't either. Which is a shame (though it should be a crime).

*Yea, I watch Morning Joe. You got a problem with that? Hey, it's way more informative and entertaining than the farce The TODAY Show has become.


Anonymous said...

My local service center was a Getty station. The guys are great mechanics and honest people. The same folks have worked their for years. A year ago they switched to become a BP station (I'm sure they regret that now). I can't help put them out of business for something they had no hand in. I will continue to support them no matter what brand of gas they sell.


Anonymous said...

there, their, they're (still sleeping) :(

J. said...

@Anonymous, You raise an excellent point. I know the place you are talking about, and I agree about the mechanics and people who work there -- and will continue to have my car serviced there once a year. I also agree with your comment that they no doubt regret switching and that they are in no way personally responsible for the oil leak. All that said, I have a very tough time buying BP-branded gas right now, from anyone. Just a personal decision.

Dave S. said...

Hey, is that the voice of John Oliver from the Daily Show?

Re the BP station issue, I suppose you could still go there for servicing (albeit with BP fluids) but get gas elsewhere.