Thursday, June 17, 2010

It must be the diaper!

When did babies in diapers become all the rage? They are EVERYWHERE -- on YouTube, The Today Show... I can barely turn on the TV without seeing some babe in a diaper (whether it's a toddler or a senior citizen)!

First we had those talking E*TRADE babies. Now we have dancing babies...

(Only slightly less creepy than the Ally McBeal dancing baby, which had similar moves. Hmmm...)

and babies strutting their stuff...

all in their diapers! And just their diapers -- no pants or shorts on top, just the occasional shirt.

All my kid did when she wore diapers was crawl (or walk) and fuss. Clearly, these new diapers are made with some superior top-secret technology that makes the wearer super smart, or super cool, or a super suave dancer. What will those diaper companies think up next?!

[Btw, I thought about blogging about something more heavy duty today. But I'm pooped, so just settled for the doody. ;-0]

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