Sunday, April 4, 2010

Baseball fans rejoice! (Except for you Mets fans.)

Baseball season officially begins tonight (YAY!) with World Series champions the New York Yankees (BOO!) taking on the Boston Red Sox (HISS!) in Boston. Tomorrow, the rest of the American League, as well as the National League, swings into regular season action.

I know some of my D.C.-area readers are taking tomorrow off to attend the Washington Nationals home opener against the National League Pennant-winning Philadelphia Phillies. (God, it hurt to type that. Oh, and for the record, the Phillie Phanatic? WORST mascot EVER. Mr. Met could totally kick his ass... maybe.) As an added bonus (unless you are a Republican), President Obama will be throwing out the first pitch.

As for my beloved, injury-plagued New York Mets, they start the season off at home tomorrow, taking on the Florida Marlins at Citi Field.

While Yankees, Red Sox, and Phillies fans have much to look forward to this season -- even Nationals fans, with their signing of rookie pitching ace Stephen Strasburg, who despite starting in the minors is expected to be pitching in the big leagues by Memorial Day (if not sooner) -- Mets fans? Not so much, at least not with Mets starting pitchers Johan Santana, John Maine, Jon Niese, Mike Pelfrey, and Oliver Perez combining for an average 7.48 ERA during spring training. (And if you took out Santana, it would be much worse.) Why couldn't the Mets have signed Roy Halladay or John Lackey? Why? (Weeping.)

Sure, the Mets have some really strong bats, what with David Wright, Jeff Francoeur, and Jason Bay in the lineup, and (fingers crossed) short stop Jose Reyes and center fielder Carlos Beltran coming off the DL later this month, but it all comes down to pitching. And right now, aside from Cy Young award-winner Johan Santana, who had surgery last fall to remove bone chips from his left elbow, the Mets are seriously screwed starting pitching-wise -- unless, like Jesus Christ, the Mets starting rotation miraculously returns to life after being crucified last season. (Sorry, just had to slip in an Easter reference, cause, you know, it is Easter.)

Anyway, only time -- and 162 games -- will tell which teams will make it to the World Series this fall (though I've already heard "Yankees - Phillies rematch" and "Rockies and Rays.") But if you think you know who will still be playing in October, or just want to beat your chest about how your team is red hot (and every other team ain't doodly-squat), leave me a Comment (by clicking on the "Post a Comment" link, below).

Now play ball!

UPDATED: Red Sox beat the Yanks 9 to 7 last night. Up next: Mets vs. Marlins, Nationals vs. Phillies...

UPDATED 4/5/10: Mets win! Mets win! And they didn't just win, they pulverized the Florida Marlins, beating them 7 to 1. While I would like to give all the credit to the Mets offense and defense, the Marlins played so badly today I wondered if someone had paid the team to take a dive. Still, as one Phillies phan I know is fond of saying, "a win is a win is a win." Now if only we can get at least 90 more Ws this season. In other news, the Phillies routed the Nationals 11 to 1. Ouch. Though maybe the Redskins will return the favor this fall when former Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb joins the team as Washington's new starting QB.


Steven "Tugger" Friedlander said...

I miss Tom Seaver. I miss Bud Harrelson. I miss Rusty Staub. I miss Keith and Sid and Doc.

EMM said...

The President's throwing out the first pitch should not be treated as a partisan event.

I did not vote for Obama and don't agree with his policies. However, I will be on my feet applauding my President when he approaches the mound.

In 2008 there were plenty of "fans" who booed Bush. I will be equally appalled if there is any protest for Obama.

The only thing Obama should take some "heat" for tomorrow, is that he skipped out on the Nats opening day last year...he went home to the Chicago Chi-Sox.

I won't even complain that it will take longer to get into the park.

Play Ball!!!